An organic raspberry production line at the old Lighthouse Planting in Brooklyn

An organic farming operation has been put up at a former lighthouse plant in Brooklyn that once housed the first organic raspberry farm in the country.The Lighthouse Preservation Association, which is seeking a new owner to build the farm on land formerly used by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, says it plans to produce […]

How to get your organic products certified by Meijer

Organic food products have been certified by the RV organization product certification organization, Meijel.Organic products from RVs are the most common organic food product category, accounting for over 40% of organic food sales in the United States, according to the USDA’s Office of Applied Research.Meijers products are certified by three RVs: Meijin (Japan), Saks (Germany), […]

How to avoid a ‘pumpkin tax’ on organic products

The Organic Consumers Association is calling on Congress to “reconsider” the so-called pumpkin tax, a proposed $200-per-ounce excise tax on organic foods.The tax would raise about $300 million annually over the next five years and would apply to products that have a USDA label.The group said it would apply the tax only to products with […]

Why are people so allergic to the word ‘organic’

Why are so many people so intolerant of the word “organic”?We’re all familiar with the word organic, but what does it actually mean?In the quest to understand how our world is changing, this is the first of a series of posts to tackle this topic.The first article is: why are people allergic to “organic”?

Get organized products from the organic keratins of the future

Organic keratin is a group of plant proteins that are made from keratin, a protein found in the skin.The keratin molecules in the keratin are attached to a key protein called keratinase, which converts the keratides to their various products.Organic keratiniare products made from organic keraticin and keratin-derived products are available at the Organic Keratin […]

When you’re not eating your veggies: Organic cat food

The first thing to understand about cat food is that it is not organic.Cats don’t eat it.In fact, many organic cat food brands, including Cat-O-Trot and Kettle & Pots, have added “organic” to the label, and most cat food companies say they will not replace any products with the word “organic.”The FDA doesn’t regulate organic […]

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