Irish food and drink maker Shira organic food and drinks

Shira Organic Food and Drink is launching a range of organic and sustainable food and beverages in the UK in 2016.

The new range is aimed at providing food and beverage enthusiasts with a more personalised shopping experience, and includes products that are not just for food but for the environment.

The range of Shira’s Organic Products is now available on, with a full range of product descriptions and packaging, which includes the Organic Vegan, Organic Green, Organic Vegan Green and Organic Vegan Coconut.

Shira said: “We are very excited to launch the new Shira range, which will give customers a truly personalised experience when they shop online.

We know that customers value their shopping experience and we want to give them the power to make informed decisions, wherever they are in the world, and for any occasion.

We want to create a more eco-friendly, more environmentally friendly and more inclusive retail experience for our customers.”

Shira has developed a range for the UK that is unique in its packaging and packaging design.

The company said: The new Shire Organic range of vegan food and dairy products is aimed to be a fun and fun way to enjoy food whilst also being environmentally friendly.

The vegan food is made from locally sourced ingredients, and has a vegan-friendly taste, meaning it will not contain eggs, milk or soy, or animal products such as beef, dairy or pork.

Shire said: ‘The new Shirogane range of products will be available to Shira customers in March 2016.

We look forward to supporting Shira in the years to come and providing our customers with an amazing range of great food and food-related products.’

Shira aims to make a real difference in the lives of people and animals in the future.

Shirogumi Shira, Organic Foods and Beverages, 074 860 4227 Shira is also the official distributor of organic vegan products for the US, Canada and Europe, as well as for the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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