Sobeys Organic Tomato Production,Wholesale Organic Products, Product Management Organization

Sobeies Organic Tomato production, wholesale organic products and product management organization (PMO) are being rolled out across India.

The PMO is a government-run entity that aims to manage organic production and distribution.

This is the first time that the organisation is being integrated into the larger wholesale organic business.

The organic product is made by Sobey, a private-label tomato processing and marketing company in the United States.

Sobeyd is the parent company of Sobeya Organic, which is the major supplier of organic tomatoes in India.

The company says that the first phase of the initiative will see the organisation launching products in the first half of 2019, which will enable it to scale up to 20,000 tomato-processing units across the country.

The company has already started sourcing organic produce from suppliers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and other major cities.

Sobeys CEO Ramesh Bhat said, “Our aim is to become a trusted supplier of top quality organic tomatoes for the whole country.”

Sobeks organic tomato operations have already been doing the same thing since 2013, when they launched the first SobeY Organic tomato-packing operations in Hyderabad.

This was done through collaboration with a large tomato producer in Maharashtra.

The first SoBeys operations were established in Mumbai in 2017, and the company plans to increase its organic tomato-packing capacity to 20 million units in 2018.

“With the introduction of this new model, SobeYS organic tomatoes will become more attractive to consumers, who are not as likely to buy organic produce in the market.

Our aim is also to increase our footprint and reach a larger segment of the market,” Bhat told ET.

The Sobeyan brand will not only help boost organic tomatoes, but also bring in new customers and provide them with more choice.

This will also help Sobeyt in its quest to reach more consumers, he added.

The Sobeyx organic tomato packaging will be ready by end-November, and products will be rolled out in all 50 states and union territories by the end of December.

Sobbey Organic Tomato Products, the parent of Sobes Organic, is also planning to launch a Sobeyu Organic tomato packing company in Bengalurys largest city.

The brand is targeting to start selling products in India by mid-December.

“The Sobes organic tomato packs will be sold through online portals and also through other retailers,” said Amit Agarwal, managing director of Sobby Organic.

The new model is part of a broader initiative by Sobes to create a more competitive organic tomato supply chain.

SoBeY Organic has already set up five manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Hydergarh, Ahmedabad and Pune.

“Sobeya is going to be the first one to launch products in Bengalura and Hyderabad in 2018,” Agarwals comments.

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