An ‘Organic Horse’ Is Back In Your Face: An Iconic Symbol of the Jewish People

An iconic symbol of the Hebrew-speaking Jewish people is returning to the world of food in an organic horse show.

The Hebrew-language online magazine Haaretz reported on Sunday that the company “Organic Horseshoes” is expanding its organic show with a new series in Israel that includes “Organo” horses, named after the Hebrew word for horse.

The show will feature a mix of animals from Israel, the United States and Europe, with “Organes” being the most popular.

Haaretz said it was “proud” to announce the series, which will feature over 200 horses from across the world and feature performances by Jewish and non-Jewish performers.

The new series will air every Saturday from January 11 to February 17, the publication reported.

Organic hares were used in Jewish ritual and religious ceremonies, including at the Passover holiday in the Middle East.

In Judaism, they are also a symbol of healing.

The company’s website notes that its horses have been featured in “the most prestigious international awards, including the Order of Israel and the National Animal Protection Association.”

It said its first show in Israel is scheduled for January 10 at the Knesset.

The Haaretz article did not provide a date for the new show, but Haaretz said the show will be streamed live on the Israeli website of Haaretz, a publication owned by the Hebrew language newspaper Elad.

The site’s Hebrew language section said that “Organa” horses were chosen from an array of breeds, including breeds of cattle, goats, sheep, ducks, and other wild animals.

The Israeli company also sells organic milk products for kosher and halal consumers.

It said it has over 30,000 customers in Israel and abroad.

The new show is the latest example of the company’s growth.

The company has become the largest organic horse exhibitor in Israel, according to Haaretz.

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