When you buy organic, you buy less stuff

Organic products are a huge boon for Irish farmers and small businesses.

That’s partly because they’re less expensive to produce than non-organic products.

But it’s also because they are a lot more cost-effective to sell.

There are now a few major companies that offer organic products, and the list of contenders is growing.

Here are the main players.


Organic Gardening and Food Products:  Avant Gardening  is a Dublin based company that makes organic Gardening supplies for the supermarket chain.

The Gardening products are made by the company’s Irish partner, Houghton Mifflin.

Avant’s founder, Patrick Breen, said that the company has been using its own methods to produce organic Garding products.

“We are very focused on using organic ingredients, not buying them from a supermarket, but from a farmer,” he said.


Gardening Products and Products from the European Union:  Bunnings  (formerly Bunnage)  made organic products for the US grocery store chain Walmart. 

Breen said that they’re using local ingredients, including organic potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and mushrooms.

Breen also said that Bunnages organic products are 100% organic, and that the Bunnies products are “so simple and so delicious.”


Organic Clothing:  La Vina Organic  produces clothing in Dublin and  London for the brand  BHLDN.

The company is also a supplier of organic clothing to  H&M and  Abercrombie & Fitch.


Organic Coffee:  Coffee Bean  supplies organic coffee beans and coffee beans to  Starbucks.


Organic Tea:  Tullamore  makes organic teas in Ireland and is the only company in Ireland that produces and markets organic teases.


Organic Grocery:  Stacey’s  has a line of organic grocery store products that are sold in a range of grocery stores in Ireland.


Organic Shaving Soap:  Groomer’s is a shaving soaps company that uses local organic ingredients.


Organic Hair Products:   Girlfriend’s Salon  offers a range of hair products made from organic ingredients including  organic rosemary, rose petals and lavender.


Organic Vegetable Oil:  The Organic Oil Company  works with a local organic vegetable oil producer and is selling organic oil and shaving soaps.


Organic Food and Beverage:  Fungi Organic is the only  Irish company that produces  organic  beer and wine  products,  organic cheese, organic coffee, organic tea and organic soap.


Organic Jewelry and Accessories:  Gemstone  and  Mascara  sell organic jewelry and accessories and are producing organic jewelry in Ireland, the UK and Japan.


Organic Gifts:  Loomer’s  (and its  sister company  Lorna’s) sell  organic gifts in Ireland and offer  organic cosmetics and beauty products  in the UK. 13.

Organic Furniture and Home Goods:  Shoe Rack  sells  organic furniture and has  organic bedding  in Ireland with  a range that  is made from 100% natural organic ingredients and organic materials.


Organic Health Products:   The Organic Health Foundation  provides  organic health products  to  supermarkets in Ireland  and  the UK  and has  made  over  $1.6 million in sales.


Organic Wine:  Beaujolais  a French wine distillery  that  sells  organic wines  in France and  sells organic wines to  grocery stores  in  Ireland and the UK,  and is  selling  organic wine  to the  European  Union  through  its  Chennault distribution  through its  Le Cordon Bleu brand.


Organic Flowers:  Nourishing Flowers  an online  nursery providing  organic flowers  for  supermarkets  in Wales  and the UK  have  been selling organic flowers  to retailers  in Northern Ireland  through their  Le Cealla distributor  since  November 2016.


Organic Carpet:  Leaside Carpet  was established in Ireland in  2014 and  has  been  producing  organic carpets  for  restaurants  in London  and  for  supermarkets  in  Ireland  since  October 2016.

Leasides  co-founder Anne Lorraine said that the  company has  been producing  organic carpets for restaurant  in England and  g

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