How you can avoid an ‘organic death’

Weis organic is an organic brand that sells a line of natural body products for use as a natural alternative to traditional synthetic makeup.

But this week, the company said it is being sued by two women who claim they had allergies to its products and were allergic to the water it used to create the skin-softening ingredients.

The complaint alleges the company did not warn customers about possible sensitivities, and in fact misled consumers by falsely claiming its products were non-toxic.

In a statement, Weis said it takes all consumer safety and the environment very seriously and that it has “zero tolerance” for deceptive practices.

The company said in a statement that it “regularly and fully assesses our products for sensitivities and has never experienced any adverse reactions to our products” and said the lawsuit is “baseless.”

The two women have filed suit against Weis and other brands claiming that they suffered allergic reactions to the product.

They claim that the products can cause respiratory issues, skin irritation, bloating and other conditions.

Weis said in its statement that the two women “cannot prove that they were allergic at the time of the purchase or that they experienced any reactions.

The company did provide the women with the allergy-preventable products in their bags at no cost.”

The company says it takes this matter very seriously, and it will take steps to “provide the customers with the best possible products at no extra cost to the company and the customer.”

The complaint against Weas comes after other brands faced criticism in the past few months for allegedly using synthetic ingredients in their products.

In October, for example, Weas received a cease-and-desist order from California over its use of artificial coloring in its products.

Weas said it had never used artificial ingredients in its body-care products.

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