‘I would love to be a food blogger’

A woman who used to work as a nutritionist and nutritionist consultant is taking the plunge into the food blogging world after deciding to open her own food blog.

Jennifer Haggerty is running her own blog on the site Food and Cooking, which has attracted more than 200,000 visitors.

The blogger is looking to expand her portfolio and is looking for more sponsors.

“I have had a great experience so far,” Haggert told ABC News.

“The food blogging scene has been really fantastic, it’s really easy to get people excited about the food and I love it.”

The woman said she has found a niche in the food blog world by catering to a younger audience.

“It’s really cool to be able to cater to younger people because there’s so much more interest in healthy food and more interest on organic food,” she said.

Haggerts blog also features recipes, nutrition and health tips.

“My biggest goal for the next year is to make sure I do as much content as possible to build a strong brand and then build a loyal following,” she added.

“There are some people who are more into nutrition and food and that’s a good thing because that’s where the interest comes from.”

Haggertt said she is looking forward to the launch of her new blog and says she is planning to grow it to a “full time job.”

She is also looking for a partner for her new venture.

“As a business owner I think it’s important that you find a team that will be supportive of you, and also have the knowledge and experience to make that happen,” she explained.

“That way I can grow my business to a full time job and also do all the other things that I need to do to make it sustainable.”

Hagertt said the food blogger world is growing at an incredible rate.

“In just the last few years, the amount of food blogs has grown so much that I think we’re seeing a lot of new businesses emerge and we’ve seen a lot more people going into food,” Hagan told ABC.

“People are becoming more and more aware of their health and they’re taking care of themselves.”

Hagan said she hopes to expand the food blogs portfolio with the addition of recipes and nutrition tips.

The food bloger has previously published on the Huffington Post and other food blogging sites, such as Pinterest and Delicious, as well as on a food blogging blog called Foody Loves.

Hagan is also a food writer, having penned a cookbook.

“A lot of the stuff I’ve written for this book is from my experience, from my travels, from food, from being in kitchens, from making food,” the food writer told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“And I think the more food people are getting excited about, the more they’re going to be inspired by that and the more excited they’re to start their own businesses.”

Hagins website includes recipes, recipes, health and nutrition, health, recipes and health, and health and wellness, along with recipes and tips.

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