How to save money on your precious gold purchases

The National Geographic crew is out on a mission to find the world’s best selling precious metals.

The trip, the fourth to the planet, is an effort to make precious metals a staple in a growing, multi-billion dollar industry.

They’re looking for the best sellers, and they’re finding them in China.

They’re also seeing some of the worst sellers, which is why they’re doing everything in their power to ensure that the best gold is always available at the best prices.

In China, the most popular metal for everyday purchases is gold, and it accounts for nearly 20 percent of the market, according to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Gold mining is booming, and demand is skyrocketing.

China is a global gold powerhouse, but there’s still a huge gap between what gold miners can make and what people are willing to pay for it.

Gold is not cheap, and the price of gold has skyrocketed.

In 2018, China produced more than 5 million tons of gold, which accounted for nearly 30 percent of global gold production.

As a result, Chinese consumers have been turning to a new source of gold.

Gold miners in China are increasingly finding it difficult to make a living, because of soaring costs and a dearth of investment opportunities.

In the United States, gold mining is a relatively new industry, and gold is becoming more of a commodity, not an asset.

The price of precious metals in the U.S. has fallen in recent years, and miners are finding it harder and harder to get a good return on their investment.

Gold mining is on the decline in China, and some analysts say the government’s recent efforts to curb gold mining are making it more difficult to obtain the metal.

One of the most recent efforts is the government-backed gold price monitoring project, which tracks the price at which gold is traded on the London-based Euribor exchange.

The price of the precious metal has dropped over the past two years, falling from a peak of $1,100 an ounce in October 2016.

That’s a drop of more than 60 percent, and that price is still far below what it was in 2007, when gold reached a high of $3,500 an ounce.

The government also plans to increase the price on the benchmark copper market, a key driver of gold prices, from $8 an ounce to $9.00 an ounce by 2019.

That could mean higher gold prices for Chinese consumers, and potentially more gold mined in China and sold for dollars, which could lower the value of the Chinese yuan.

China’s Gold Mining Crisis: The Rise and Fall of the Global Gold PriceSource: Bloomberg

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