Bare Organic products, Dr. O’s Organics products go on sale


(AP) Bare Organic, the company that makes organic and natural products for people, announced it was launching a limited edition line of organics.

Organic products made with plant proteins are not available on the grocery store shelves, but Bare Organic says its new line of products are “organic, safe and affordable.”

Organic foods are often expensive, but the organic products available on store shelves don’t contain all the pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that go into conventional foods, said David Smith, the co-founder of Bare Organic.

“We know organic is not a silver bullet,” Smith said.

“There’s always going to be people that are not comfortable with organic.

It’s a hard thing to navigate, especially with a new product.”

Bare Organic will launch two varieties of the products in limited quantities, which it calls “sustainable” and “curious” varieties, Smith said in an interview.

The first line of Bare organic products will go on shelves this fall.

Bare organic products are sold in grocery stores, online, at organic grocery stores and in select health food stores, including Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles.

Smith said he wants to sell more organic products to consumers, especially those who have limited income or who have a health condition that makes them want to avoid pesticides and genetically modified foods.

Smith said he believes organic products can be used to improve health.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh, you want to take vitamins or take supplements, that’s not going to help you,'” he said.

He said the focus is on providing a healthy, natural product that people want to use.BARRE ETCHED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLDBY RONALD MACARTHUR, Associated PressOmaha, Neb.

(NEWS JOURNAL) The United States’ largest grocery chain, Kroger, has said it will buy Bare Organic in a $3.5 billion deal.

Kroger Chief Executive John McCormack said in a statement Monday that Bare Organic was an “essential part of our overall food supply chain” and would bring together the company’s diverse portfolio of products.

He said Bare Organic’s products were created to meet customers’ “complex needs” and serve the growing organic food market.

“The organic industry is in an incredibly challenging place right now,” McCormack wrote.

“The demand for organic products is outpacing supply.

The result is consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to choose organic products.”

Krogreens organic grocery store, near Omaha, Nebraska, opened last year and has been a mainstay for shoppers in recent years.

The company is still owned by Kroger and its stock price has not moved much.

Krogers organic grocery chain is owned by Cargill Inc., a private company based in New Mexico, and it sells food to supermarkets, grocery stores for Whole Foods and other retailers.

Cargill’s parent company, the ConAgra Corporation, said in 2016 that its organic brand, which includes products like canned beans and peas, was sold in $15 billion of grocery store stores in the U.S. The organic product category is expected to grow by 50 percent this year.

“Consumers are getting ready to take back the planet,” McCormick said.

Krumpo Foods, which also owns the Kroger grocery store chain, announced last month it was buying organic produce maker Bare Organic for $250 million.

Krumpo said it would invest $400 million in Bare Organic over the next three years.

Kraft Foods Inc., which also sells grocery products, said it was also buying Bare Organic this month.

Kraft Foods said it plans to add organic and sustainable products to its grocery menu and produce the same types of products as Kroger.

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