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What you need to know about organic detox products

The Organic Food Association (OFA) is a non-profit organisation that works to promote and support sustainable food production and consumption through the provision of organic food products and products in support of the food supply chain. The organisation’s main focus is on the sustainable sourcing of food by promoting organic food production by: organically growing, processing and […]

When you buy your medicine: How much does it cost?

The price of prescription drugs has skyrocketed, with a growing number of people opting to skip expensive pharmaceuticals.According to new data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), more than 1.2 million Americans will use more expensive generic drugs, and almost 7.5 million people will have to turn to prescription-only medicines for their primary […]

Aldi Organic Products Reveals the Ultimate Life Span

Organic foods are among the products Aldi has been making headlines for.The supermarket chain has recently released a line of organic breakfast cereals called “Aldi”, which claims to provide a variety of nutritional benefits.But what exactly does the company’s organic food come in?We spoke to Aussie food and drink expert Nick Bensley to find out.He […]

Why I don’t want to use organics

The organic cotton industry is booming.And its a booming business.And it’s not just in the US.In the UK, organic cotton is growing rapidly, too.But what is organics?And how do you know if you are buying organic cotton?I’ve been following organic cotton news from the UK for years, so I know what’s going on.But I’m just […]

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is ‘incredibly proud’ of his team

Chip Kelly has had a stellar start to his first NFL season.And the Philadelphia Eagles head football coach is incredibly proud of his players, the team said Monday in a statement.Kelly said in a conference call with reporters on Monday that the players are working hard and putting in the work every day to help […]

What do organic and organic foods have in common?

Here’s a little background to understanding some of the main differences between organic and conventional food.Organic is defined as products made with a non-GMO and non-toxic soil.In other words, it’s not produced from GMOs or GMO ingredients.There’s a lot of confusion about the terms organic and nonorganic, but organic means the production of food without […]

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